Marcus & Amber Yoars

Echoes from the mission field of Norway


Marcus and Amber Yoars are global missionaries called to disciple the nations by equipping, training and mentoring believers to further the kingdom of God. Their vision is to help people walk in the freedom Jesus offers in all areas of life through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. By assisting churches and ministries around the world, they empower believers toward spiritual, emotional, relational, financial and physical wellness for the purpose of sending them out to fulfill the Great Commission.

Marcus and Amber are currently serving as missionaries in Norway, where they have traveled from the southernmost to northernmost parts assisting churches and organizations while also”scouting out the land” to discover more about the assignments God has in store for them. So far, they have been involved in developing a church-based family ministry, teaching at a Bible school, training and coaching leaders, and counseling married couples, in addition to other activities.

Marcus grew up in Hong Kong as the son of longtime missionaries. After 20-plus years as a writer and editor in the media industry in the United States, he now uses his unique skill set to help global ministries strengthen their branding, messaging and overall engagement with their constituency. He is a seasoned teacher and worship leader, having served on church staffs since the early 1990s.

Amber has directed multiple ministries to prisoners, teenagers, young adults and the underprivileged, yet her primary focus for many years has been discipling and mentoring young women. For the last five years, she led two ministries in equipping young mothers through various stages of parenting.

Together, Marcus and Amber—along with their sons Brayden and Xander—are thrilled about the exciting journey God has them on and are committed to equipping a generation of passionate believers around the world to walk as Jesus did.


  1. Awesome Vision. We CDOM, Inc The Restoration Center will be praying for you all.
    God Bless,
    Pastor Nettie Parks

  2. Marcus,

    I keep hearing your voice sing: “I hear the voice, the voice of the One I love, He’s calling my name…come up higher and leave this world behind.” You sang those words with a passion the last time I heard you worship, and I could tell that your heart was truly dedicated to launching out to share the love of Jesus. I pray that this northern route experience will be exceeding abundantly above all that you and Amber ask or think. And may the legacy that you both carry on from your parents cause your children to be mighty in the Lord even at a young age. Noemi and I will keep you all in prayer for Norway’s welcome mat to say, “Stay with us a while.”

    Miss you all but inspired as well. See you in the mission field someday.


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