It’s official: The Yoars family is on our way to Norway! After almost two years since we felt God calling us into full-time missions, we’re finally able to tell others about this incredible journey of faith He has us on. Since this will be news to most of you reading this, we’re excited to share the details of what’s been going on, where in the world—literally—we’re headed and what we’ll be doing.

About two years ago God began working on our hearts in that beautiful, life-altering way that only He can. We sensed a longing like never before to abandon everything and “go” in His name, even though we had no idea where we needed to go to or what we should do. As we sought the Lord more, the calling to be overseas missionaries deepened as He helped us connect the dots between our upbringings, our past experiences and the skill sets He’s equipped us with. In particular, I (Marcus) began to have my eyes opened to the legacy my parents left me from their nearly 35 years as missionaries in Hong Kong and how that has shaped the way I see the world.

While we walked through this process under the counsel of our church’s pastor and his wife, God brought some amazing confirmations that we were walking in His will—everything from how our children reacted to the possibility of us leaving Florida to supernatural affirmations that He would provide. In fact, during one weekend we had at least five couples approach us and, without knowing our situation, tell us that if we ever went on the mission field they would love to support us. Yet probably the greatest sign has been the supernatural peace we’ve had that, despite all the unknowns of our journey (and there are many!), God is with us. We’ve certainly needed that as we’ve counted the cost more. In the natural, it’s scary—I’m leaving a great job and career, we’re putting our house up for rent and we have no assurance of financial security. Yet we’ve jokingly said in recent weeks that even if we end up homeless in a few months, we know God will still provide—and we mean it! When you’re walking by faith, what else matters but following Him in obedience?

So what exactly are we doing? We hope to leave for Norway in August, depending on what happens over the next few weeks. First, we need to raise funds (again, we’re just now getting to share the news!); and second, we’re waiting on some things to line up regarding our visas. Either way, the doors of opportunity continue to open for us, and they include: teaching young adults at a Bible school in Hemsedal; developing a family ministry and mentoring young church staff at a church in Tromsø; and training missionaries and assisting staff at various YWAM (Youth With a Mission) bases throughout the country. Outside of Norway, we’ve been in talks about helping to develop a Bible school in Scotland and a missionary training center in Turkey, though these would likely be later. So though we are Norway-bound, it’s possible the “land of the midnight sun” will simply be a catalyst for future assignments. We know much will unfold once we get there, and others have already confirmed that half the journey is in leaving. Besides, if we had all the answers and knew all the details, where would the faith be?

Because of that, our first year will be an exploratory one in which we’ll be “scouting out the land.” We will spend the time getting to know the culture and language, and most importantly, building relationships with people as God continues to open doors and connect us with churches and ministries around the nation. Our goal is to come alongside and serve whoever may have need of our skill sets–and from what we’ve encountered so far, there are plenty of people for whom this is an answered prayer.

As we step out of the boat, we know this is not a journey we can do alone. We need help. In fact, a couple of months ago, God gently took me aside, so to speak, and reminded me that just as much as He’s called and anointed Amber and me to go, He’s called and anointed certain people to send. I had grown cynical with “partner” letters always asking for money and didn’t want to go the same route. Yet the Lord quickly showed me that there would be times in the future when we would desperately need the support of those joined with us on this journey—and that how much money they donated had almost nothing to do with it.

Would you consider supporting us however you can? Whether that’s committing to intercede for us on a regular basis over the next year or supporting us financially on a regular basis, we’d be honored if you join us either way as we begin our journey. (For prayer support, click here; for financial support, click here.)

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we find out more. We’ll be blogging and posting updates as plans unfold more, but regardless, we’d appreciate your prayers in the meantime. May God continue to grace us with His wonderful presence as He goes before us every step of the way.