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Echoes from the mission field of Norway

Introducing a New Addition to the Family …

No, we’re not pregnant! :) We are, however, starting our fourth week here in Hemsedal at KRIK Høyfjellssenter, and things couldn’t be going better. God allowed us to quickly make a deep heart connection with many of the students and staff, and that’s been key to what the Lord continues to do here.

Marcus can write more about this next time since there is much to share, but before more weeks fly by (as they already have since we arrived in Norway), I wanted to introduce you to a very special person in the lives of the Yoars family. Kari Henderson (pictured above) is part of “Team Yoars” in Norway, having joined us a few weeks ago in Stavanger. She’s with us here in Hemsedal and has been an incredible help not only as a nanny to the boys (which has given Marcus and me more time to help serve the students and staff), but also in translating (she’s fluent in Norwegian). However, there’s more to the story when it comes to my Kari Julianna, as I call her …

In 1997, I stepped out of my senior year in college (for a year) and by faith moved to Colorado Springs, Colo., to work with a ministry serving the poor and homeless. I had the opportunity to live with the couple running this ministry, work alongside them and nanny for their children. At the time, their oldest son, David, was 5 years old, and Kari was 3. Since then we’ve been family. Marcus and I have watched the kids grow up (including John Markus, who’s now 14) and been part of their lives all these years. God has always entwined our lives in the craziest ways.

Kari’s mother (and my dear friend), Solveig, is from Norway. Though she’s raised her children and lived in the States most of her adult life, Solveig’s career has largely been in Norway as a recording artist. In fact, few Christians in Norway older than 30 haven’t heard of Solveig Leithaug, as she’s known here. In the summer of 1998 I travelled to Norway with Solveig and the family, and from there God truly gave me a heart for this country that led me to pray for the nation and its people for more than 10 years. I’ve travelled to many countries, but Norway captured me in a unique way and I knew I would be back.

Fast forward to 2013 and Kari was graduating from high school. Marcus and I drove to Nashville to be part of the celebrations, and during that time God began to stir our hearts for Kari. We both believed in her so much and knew we wanted to pour into her in the near future. We also saw how amazing she was with our boys, and how much Brayden and Xander loved her. As the doors continued to open for us in Norway, we had a sense that Kari would somehow be part of it, at least for a season. Meanwhile, we were completely unaware that while she was part of a YWAM DTS in New Zealand, God was also putting on Kari’s heart a deep desire to return to Norway.

So here we are, almost 20 years after I nannied for Kari in Norway, and now she’s doing the same for my children. How cool is that?!

God is so amazingly detailed with our lives. (As yet another twist in this story, Solveig was in fact part of Marcus and my meeting in 2001, and she’s been instrumental in helping to connect us with people here in Norway.)

We’re excited about what lies ahead for Kari. God is going to do amazing things in and through her—she’s an incredibly gifted singer and true worshipper. (This week she’s on tour singing with her mom and has already been helping Marcus when he leads worship in different places.) We’re honored to be part of Kari’s journey and are trying to seize this precious time we have with her. Through the years so many people have poured and sowed into us, and I love that we will forever get to do the same thing for others.


  1. What an amazing story, Amber! I’m so excited about the way in which God is orchestrating everything for you and your family in Norway, and I know Kari’s being there is a huge blessing. I can’t tell you how proud I am of you and Marcus for taking the huge leap of faith to go there.

  2. So great to see how Kari has grown up in to such a beautiful WOG!!! LOL

  3. So great to see you guys alive and well!! See how God provides when we step out of the boat? YAY!!!!

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